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Tailored Internship Placement

Our program matches you with an internship abroad based on the information from your application, first interview, and current qualifications. We work to ensure that your internship is interesting and in-line with your future career goals, while also making sure you are qualified and able to add value to the company.
(please note, all internships are unpaid)

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Legal Traineeship Agreement

We provide the necessary legal agreements to ensure your entry & internship abroad. We work with you, your company, and your university to comply with all international laws & regulation.

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Central Accommodations

Our accommodations are located in the center of the city, in a safe area, near public transportation. Our shared accommodations allow you to have a roommate with all other program participants living in the same building. Our accommodations are top of the line and located in the heart of the city.

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Professional Coaching & Feedback

We want you to get the most our of your international internship and grow culturally while you are abroad. We provide professional coaching to make sure you are thriving in your internship and teach you how to address any challenges that may arise.

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Pre-Departure Orientation

We want you to be as prepared as possible when you land in-country. Our pre-departure orientations cover everything from cell phone service, to international health insurance, to risk management. Our goal is that you arrive prepared for your internship with an understanding about the country's culture and customs.

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Flight & Visa Assistance

Figuring out flights and visas can be tricky! Although they are not included in the program fee, we help you navigate booking a flight and figuring out the BUNAC & Visa processes. Visas are only needed for our London program and we are the only global program with a 100% success rate in receiving all of our students' visas on time!

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24/7 Live-In Resident Director

Your safety is our absolute number 1 priority. Our resident director lives within the student accommodations and is available 24/7 for anything you may need. If you feel sick, have questions about the city, or need help with public transport - we are here to help!

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Airport Transfer

To make your first day in-country as smooth as possible, we pick you up at the airport and take you via bus to the accommodations. This way, you don't have to carry your luggage across the city or worry about getting lost - we pick you up at the airport on day 1! (We also take you from the accommodations to the airport on the last day of the program!)

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In-Country Planned Events

Want to go surfing in the north of Spain? Itching to see Windsor Castle, Bath, and Stonehenge? We plan group excursions for you to see more and enjoy more during your time in Europe! Furthermore, we listened to our past participants suggestions who urged us to add more group events in the city - so we did! This year, each week will have a planned group event to encourage mingling and cultural development!

Roundtrip Airfare (~$1400)

International Health Insurance (~$100)

In-Country Food & Entertainment (~$100/week)

Transportation in-city (~$40/month in Madrid | ~$180/month in London)

Weekend excursions (varies)

Our London programs require a Tier 5 Visa and BUNAC Sponsorship. The Global Internship helps you navigate these processes and is the only company with a 100% Tier 5 Visa success rate. The BUNAC and Visa processes cost around $1000 and require you begin the processes at least 4 months before arriving in country.

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